Hi – if you are looking to do some snooping on me, this is probably the most efficient spot to carry it out!

My name is Lee Tran Lam, I’m a writer based in Sydney.

My first story was published in a magazine when I was 15 (and thankfully, is very hard to track down copies of)!

I’ve since worked full-time as an editorial assistant, staff writer, deputy chief sub-editor and managing editor.

I’ve also snuck my byline into publications such as
The Big Issue, Rolling Stone and The Lifted Brow, where I’ve written everything from features to music reviews and short stories. I’ve contributed to the Good Food Guide and was the cafe reviewer for Sydney Morning Herald in 2012.

I’ve had my fiction published in some anthologies, including
Herding Kites.

Since late 2007, I’ve run a food blog called
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry.

That’s also the name of my
podcast, where I chat to people from the world of food about their war stories, career highlights and lowlights and their favourite places to eat and drink in Sydney. You can hunt it out on iTunes or via RSS, if you’re curious.

I’m also (somehow!) in charge of the airwaves between 7-9pm on a Sunday night, when I present
Local Fidelity on FBi radio. (You can tilt your antenna and scroll your dial to 94.5FM if in Sydney – or listen online on the FBi site.)

I’ve been making
zines at a slowcoach pace since 1996. My Japan zine even has a small cameo in Ebony Biz’s’ Hello Tokyo book!

Here are some other things I’ve done in the past:

I wrote a story for The Wall’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ exhibition.


I was on the reviewing team of the Good Food Guide for the second year running.


I wrote the intro to the Feast Your Eyes recipe booklet for The Brag and The Wall.

I made a
zine about food for the 2011 MCA Zine Fair.
You can see more of its multi-flavoured pages
And, if you want, you can find copies of it on this


I was a contributor to 2011
Everyday Eats.

I had my work in the Even Books Double-Glazed exhibition at First Draft Gallery in Surry Hills.


I was on the reviewing team of 2011’s
Good Food Guide.

Picture 3


mix-tape! Thanks to Two Thousand, who let me momentarily brainwash readers with my current fave songs. The site was kind enough to quiz me about zines and other guff. Have a look/listen here.


I also made another zine. It’s gotten a few nice mentions on blogs, in particular
Pia Jane Bijkerk and Upon A Fold. Thanks guys!



I read my Three Minute Sydney story for
All The Best radio show on FBi.
The edit is slightly longer than the original for Creative Sydney. You can hear it
here (all slightly-more-than-three-minutes of it).


I designed the cover for the latest
New Weird Australia compilation


I was lucky enough to win the ‘Three Minute Sydney’ competition bit of Creative Sydney
& got to read my super-short take on the city on opening night


I blitzed together the Not The Last Supper cookbook zine to raise money for FBI 94.5FM


I made a zine about Sydney, the 10th edition of Speak-easy in a decade!


I put together the
Local Fidelity compilation CDR to raise money for FBI 94.5FM


I read a story or two at
Penguin Plays Rough


Background: illustrations on a wall in Surry Hills, NSW.