I’m a book/magazine/blog-worm.

I like to write reviews, articles, blogs, fiction, zines – although that doesn’t wipe away the guilt about not writing enough (guilt = unending fun).

I love music – even when I’m sleepy-eyed and pretending the alarm clock radio really hasn’t gone off.

I present a show called Local Fidelity on
FBI 94.5FM in Sydney. It’s about Australian music – but sidesteps bad soapie-singers, pub anthems and anything that gives local music a shameful name. My favourite part is discovering new bands no one has yet championed.

I’m always on the look-out for the next band to fall in love with.

I make zines at a (shamefully) slow pace. But it is, sluggish pace and all, full of pay-off. Even if you get stapled on and deflated by massive stationery bills. Once, Tunde Adebimpe from TV On The Radio said he found one of my zines “inspiring”. I think my head almost self-detonated from amazement and disbelief.

One of my favourite interviews has been with film-maker Wim Wenders – I loved that he’d cycle from his home in Germany to Amsterdam as a kid, just for fun. The museums there were worth the hard-pedalling distance for him. I also loved talking to director Phillip Noyce and John Patrick Shanley (a Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright). Comedian and all-round-brain-and-superstar Stephen Fry sent me amazing answers via email; in his response, he single-handedly cleared up any major question you could have about life.

My favourite radio interviews often are with local musicians. Sometimes bands who’ve barely felt the gleam of the spotlight are the best to interview. Nervous as they can be – they really make sure they have something to say.

I once had an interview with Wong Kar-Wai – it got clamped down from 15 minutes to 10 minutes to finally, a measly 5 minutes. He was promoting a film that pivoted on the idea that love is all about timing. He asked me whether I wish I’d met my boyfriend now or in five years’ time. Totally unrelated: my boyfriend and I broke up not long after.

My first short story was published when I was 15. I was paid $90, which translated into a million dollars in teenage currency. I bought an EP by a band who are now too mortifying to mention and a present for a boy I had a semi-crush on. Wasted!

I’ve had short stories published in various places, including two books. Most recently, one landed in
Herding Kites, an anthology that features Anna Funder, Shaun Tan, Nick Earls and other people who’ve been involved with National Young Writers Festival over the years.

I look after a small garden patch of blogs, including a food blog called The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry. I love how food is a way to re-discover your home city; I also love how meal-times can re-connect you with friends, sparking off livewire energy around a dinner table.

My articles and reviews have been published in magazines such as
Rolling Stone and The Big Issue. I used to be a staff writer on many magazines that sadly no longer exist (R.I.P. HQ). My day job is working as a managing editor.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by lots of creatively inspiring people who are hugely encouraging and supportive.

I live in Sydney, Australia.

I wish I was better at French.