Ultimate Relief
Birth  Glow

Ultimate Relief hits like sweet, trippy medicine. The sugary melodies are easy to swallow, the perky lo-fi quirks have a non-drowsy effect, and the results are fast-acting: the Adelaide trio zip through several songs in under a minute, braking for no-one.

It's a record full of prescribed highs, without the buzzkill of heavy drugs. Sure, "Shirts For Washing" is a grievance about a flatmate's flaky laundry record, but its 46 seconds of frisky handclaps and vocals would bring a smile to any sluggish listener: think Calvin Johnson duelling with Mirah.

Birth Glow evoke the B-52s with "Palm Tree Ukelele", 1:35 of danceable silliness which pits Nick Walton's baritone against Ellen Carey's kittenish vocals: "Yoko One strikes a pose, she has candles up her nose". It ends with moodier "Fanta" and "Ransom", two much-needed sedatives.

Lee Tran Lam,
Rolling Stone,
February 2008