O Soundtrack My Heart

If Pivot’s debut,
Make Me Love You, was as ambient as shooting stars, their follow-up album feels like meteors colliding. The Australian trio have gone for electronic shock and awe on O Soundtrack My Heart - ditching post-rock atmospherics to mutate guitars with the strafing energy of synths, samples and loops. Like the score to a sci-fi war movie, this record is all lightning force and brute futuristic rhythms. When the guitars and drums slam through on “Nothing Hurts Machine” or “O Soundtrack My Heart”, you can feel the ground being cratered as a result. There are also stellar bursts of colour and skittery calm to remind you that Pivot can still fuse pretty notes with something more livewire. This is their debut release for London-based Warp Records (home of Battles and Aphex Twin) and it’s energised, electric and highly original - proving that Pivot are light years ahead of most bands.

Lee Tran Lam

Rolling Stone, September 2008