Bonnie Prince Billy
Lie Down In The Light

Climate change is clearly happening when even Bonnie Prince Billy’s songs show a sunnier bent. The American songwriter’s music has always been shadowed by doleful cloud cover but 17 records (and one Kanye West video clip cameo) later, bright fugitive rays break through on
Lie Down In The Light. Tracks like “Easy Does It” and “Where Is The Puzzle” breeze through with an unshakeable lightness, and the lyrics even have an unguarded warmth - “You sing me back into myself”, he murmurs over the soft, puttering folk of “You Remind Me of Something”, before closing the track with an image of dancing in his kitchen at dawn to his favourite song. Yet all sadness hasn’t been erased from this album. On “Missing One”, when he sings “I know that missing you has just begun” in that charred, stubbled voice of his, you’re reminded of why listeners find warmth in Bonnie Prince Billy’s overcast outlook.

Lee Tran Lam

Rolling Stone, August 2008